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About Us

Spotlight Video uses our unique , custom designed approach to capture all the special moments throughout the day, while maintaining the simple elegance of your affair.  One of the most common compliments we hear is when our clients say; “how did you get everything???  We didn’t even know you were there”

Once the wedding day is over and the cameras are put away, the process begins as your footage is edited into the final film.  What style or format that takes is a matter of preference.  The two most commonly picked styles by our clients are the docufilm and the musical highlight.

For those that want to relive the wedding day as authentically as possible, the docufilm may be the choice for you.  Our docufilm is gracefully edited to capture the essence, feel and flow of your wedding day.  The “script” follows the natural sequence of the day, featuring all the moments you would expect and more.   One bride told me after enjoying her film that she “felt like a guest at my own wedding”.  She went on to explain that the day goes by in such a flash,  that it was great to see the film “fill in the blanks” of her own wedding day memories.

The Musical Highlight is designed to enjoy the highlights of the wedding day in a short form film.   The natural audio combined with your favorite songs serve as the soundtrack to the visual highlights of your day.   Musical Highlights are the perfect complement to the more comprehensive coverage offered in the docufilm.  Recapping the day in the style of a music video is a great way to share your wedding memories with family and friends.