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The Return of the Brides!

The “Return of the Brides”  sounds like the Hollywood sequel to a Katherine Heigl movie.   But in reality, it’s a phenomenom that’s been happening to me more and more as of late.  You see, I’ve been a Philadelphia wedding videographer for quite some time.  During this time span the  technology we use in our industry has advanced by leaps and bounds.  I still find it hard to believe there was a time when I was  delivering our wedding films on a cutting edge medium called VHS.

But I digress…. so what does my little trip down memory lane have to do with the “Return of the Brides”?  Well, many of the young couples whose wedding videos we produced back in the day now have families of their own.  They have been contacting me because they are interested in updating to more current technologies.   The majority ask for a dvd, but in one instance we’ve updated our Edited Master Tape to video files and copied it to a hard drive.  As an aside, we still possess all our clients edit masters on much higher professional resolution formats than the old consumer VHS tapes.  So when we update their wedding videos they look even better than what they had before.  From the stand point of updating to today’s standards I think it’s the smart thing to do.  Most electronic stores don’t even carry VHS machines and tv’s and monitors are being built with digital only connections.

While I think it’s great this is happening, I wanted to know why all of a sudden, after all these years, I was experiencing “The Return of the Brides”   So I started asking, and pretty much everyone shared the same thoughts.  The wedding video is an important part of their family history.   Many important people that are no longer with us are captured and they come alive thru the video.   We get to relive the fun and romance of the day, and we get to share that with our kids.  One bride told me that her 4 year old daughter watches the wedding video over and over,  she calls it “Mommy’s Cinderella video”.

I had a groom, Paul, that wanted to surprise his wife with a dvd of their wedding day for a 15th anniversary present.  When he came to pick it up, we got to talking and he told me, when he was getting married he couldn’t care less about having a wedding video.  Paul thought he’d watch it once then throw it in a drawer.  In reality, Paul and his wife watch it together a couple of times a year, and once in awhile by himself.

After checking with other colleagues in the Philadelphia wedding videography scene, I’m not the only one experiencing “The Return of the Brides”.  It shows the lasting power and importance moving memories play in our lives and it’s nice to know that something we produced, has become a treasured family heirloom to so many.