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Single Camera Docufilm coverages begin at $2,500.00

Multi Camera Docufilm coverages begin at $3,000.00

Over the years our clients have told us how they appreciate the flexibility we offer in creating custom coverages for their wedding day.  We’ve always felt all weddings are different, and so are the people getting married.  What fits the needs of a couple planning an intimate garden wedding  for 50 guests at home in Ardmore,  is usually very different than the needs of a couple getting married before 200 guests at a Cathedral in Center City Philadelphia.

Maybe it’s semantics, but  we are not fans of the term “packages.”  The concept of packages can be very limiting.   During our consultation, we’ll discuss what matters most to you, and together create the  coverage that meets those needs.

Approximately 80% of our clients create coverages that range between $2,500 and $3,500.